Call Out' is the option offered by the Infocaller app by which it uses your mobile phone line to connect to an Infocaller access number in your country (where available) and then connects the call to the destination you have dialed at the low Infocaller rates. 'Call out' is mainly intended for callers who have a flat rate to our local number. If you do not have a flat rate, the call made to contact Infocaller from your mobile phone will be charged by your carrier with the cost of a regular landline call. If you have a flat rate to our Infocaller number (with enough minutes left) on your mobile phone, then that part of the call will have no cost for you. The call to the final destination will be charged to your Infocaller account at the competitive price shown to you in the App. 

In some cases, even if you do not have a flat rate, the sum of the local call plus the Infocaller charge for an international call might be lower than calling the international destination at you mobile phone's rate. Make your calculations carefully.

If the App does not show a local number available in your country or a number in another country which is included in your roaming plan, you should not use 'Call Out'.

The person receiving the call will see your mobile phone number on screen or, if you have purchased one from us, the Infocaller virtual number you have chosen to make the call (subject to availability at international destination).